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Tongkat ali

Tongkat ali


Tongkat Ali is a Malaysian shrub also known as Malaysian ginseng, or more vividly Viagra of the wilderness.


Tongkat Ali is a Malaysian shrub also known as Malaysian ginseng, or more vividly "Viagra of the wilderness". It is therefore a natural aphrodisiac particularly recommended for men who want to replenish testosterone and boost their libido.

Tongkat Ali in root

You should know that it is in Indonesia that the largest plantation of Tongkat ali is located. This is a rather rare product because Tongkat Ali takes years to grow, and you have to wait at least 7 years

so that its roots can be harvested. In addition, you should know that the older the Tongkat Ali root, the greater the number of its active ingredients, and therefore, its benefits are only greater.

Tongkat Ali's roots grow vertically in the ground up to several meters deep. It is therefore very difficult and very long to get them out of the ground. It is a product which is increasingly recognized and which therefore sees its price increase in proportion to growing demand.

A powerful aphrodisiac

The use of Tongkat Ali root dates back decades. It is known for its many virtues but above all, because it acts as a powerful aphrodisiac:

This root helps to treat erection problems;

It helps to increase sexual desire, in men but also in women;

This natural remedy is recommended before intense physical exertion in order to be more enduring and to facilitate recovery

Tongkat Ali is recommended for impotence, infertility and lack of testosterone

Tongkat Ali root helps stabilize muscle mass

How to use it ?

Use :

To boost your sex life

This preparation consists of making a decoction of a larger quantity of tongkat ali, to drink when an extra sexual boost is necessary (endurance, harder erection, increased sexual desire ...) The effects should be felt after 1 to 2 hours after consumption.

Boil 10 grams or more of tongkat ali in water (1/21 liter of water) for 20 minutes, 45 minutes is recommended to extract the active ingredients as much as possible, but in this case it is necessary to put 1 liter of water because there will be strong evaporation.

Strain the infusion into a cup and drink it hot. Add tea or coffee with sugar or honey according to your taste.

Be careful because the taste of tongkat ali is very bitter, it is therefore advisable to add sugar or honey to your drink ... Consumption should not exceed more than 50g per day.

For a Cure:

Use 20g of root as an infusion, simply boil in water to dissolve the alkaloids

To use 2 days then stop on the 3rd day and so on ...

Duration of treatment is 8 weeks. Take for 5 days then stop taking 17 days, then start again.


Observe the dosages mentioned on the product label.

Should not be consumed by pregnant women, nursing mothers, children, men with

Prostate cancer.


Capacity: 100g bag

Origin: Malaysia

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