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Leech oil

Leech oil


A traditional massage oil, for the enlargement and improvement of the penis but also to increase the size of the breasts in women.

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A traditional massage oil, for the enlargement and improvement of the penis but also to increase the size of the breasts in women.

What is leech oil?

Recognized for millennia in Malaysia, leech oil is renowned for its vasodilating effects on your organ. Can be used to increase penis size for men as well as breast size for women.

Leeches indeed contain a large number of active enzymes that can act and significantly improve blood circulation and micro-circulation in the pelvic, penis and chest areas.

A pure leech oil for penile vitality and prolonged sexual stamina, with regular use and accompanying exercises, the user can learn to control these muscles and therefore control ejaculation, they will also be able to have multiple orgasms like satisfying his female counterpart.

How to use leech oil

It is recommended for a first user to massage the groin with the oil and follow the massage technique suggested below, once a day, after bathing, do not wash off the oil after massage, continuously for at least 7 days or until desired result is achieved, frequency of application may be reduced, approximately 2-3 times per week on a regular basis.

Massage from the base to the head of the penis on the right and left side. Press the skin at the base of the penis if the skin is loose. Repeat 5 times, for the woman massage the chest with the same technique after the bath.

Benefit of Leech Oil

It improves the sexual relationship, increases sexual gratification and strengthens the penis for smoother seminal ejaculation.

1. Enlarges the male reproductive organ (penis)

Leech oil is very effective in increasing penis size.

It is widely used in Malaysia for this purpose.

Researchers have also proven this ability of leech oil to enlarge penis size.

2. Increase erection time for men

Leech oil is a powerful tool to overcome premature ejaculation.

It does this because it has a high amount of nitric oxide (NO) and hirudin content which increases blood flow in the reproductive system.

Nitric Oxide Can Work Like Herb Viagra

3. Increasing sexual desire in women

Women with low libido or very low sexual arousal can overcome their problem with leech oil.

The nitrate oxide present in nitric oxide (NO) can stimulate the nerves and stimulate the sexual desire of women.

For maximum benefits, leech oil should be applied to the vagina and clitoris.

4. Increase breast size

For women, leech oil can work wonders.

Massage the breasts regularly with leech oil to increase the size of your breasts.

5. Prevents High Blood Pressure and Stroke

High blood pressure and strokes can be prevented by improving blood circulation in the body.

Both are caused when blood flow to the body is irregular.

Leech oil has anti-inflammatory properties and essential substance hirudin to promote blood circulation and prevent blood clots in the body.

So, leech oil can prevent maintain your blood pressure and stroke risks too.

Studies also suggest a potential agent to prevent cardiovascular disease.

6. Treat wounds

Leech oil has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that can heal a wound effectively.

Not only that, it can slow down the pain and irritation caused by the wound. It does this through its component hirudin and histamine.

Both act as an important developer to accelerate the growth of new cells and thus heal the wound.



This leech oil is pure, it may be frozen at low temperature, you just need to bring it to a heat source for a few minutes if necessary before use.

Capacity: 30ml

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