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Organic green coffee capsules

Organic green coffee capsules


Green coffee is raditionally recognized for its positive effects on slimming and weight control.


Green coffee is raditionally recognized for its positive effects on slimming and weight control, especially thanks to its high content of chlorogenic acids.

Produced from the coffee tree, green coffee is the natural coffee seed that is found at the first stage of its harvest, without any roasting.

The green coffee bean contains many natural molecules, which are subsequently often altered or destroyed by roasting

The many benefits of green coffee

• Fights excess weight
• Promotes cardiovascular health
• Burns fat and stimulates the metabolism
• Absorbs glucose in the intestine
• Balances blood sugar levels
• Maintains healthy blood pressure

Calorie burner made from dry green coffee bean extract. Promotes weight loss, and helps reduce abdominal volume.
The capsules are extracted from green coffee beans of the Arabica variety from Ethiopia. It is not roasted because the roasting constitutes a cooking which reduces by more than half the concentration of chlorogenic acid. On the other hand, these seeds have been decaffeinated in order to guarantee a low caffeine content.

Your body will store fewer calories and your silhouette will regain more harmonious contours.
Green coffee capsules act specifically on your body to help it lose weight by restoring its firmness.

Use :

Take 2 to 4 capsules per day with a full glass of water before a meal.


The capsules are made from pullulan, obtained by fermentation of tapioca. GMO-free, gluten-free, titanium-free and preservative-free.
They are suitable for a vegan, halal, kosher diet

Capacity: sachet of 60 vegetable capsules dosed at 300mg
Origin: Brazil

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