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Ethiopian black seed oil

Ethiopian black seed oil


Nigella oil par Excellence, this oil is natural, only based on seeds of black seed from Ethiopia Habachia Grade A certified Pure 99%, cold pressed without any chemical treatment, cosmetic and food quality


Nigella oil par Excellence, this oil is natural, only based on seeds of black seed from Ethiopia Habachia Grade A certified Pure 99%, cold pressed without any chemical treatment, cosmetic and food quality, it is therefore entirely consumable. This oil, freshly pressed, being very little filtered so that it can remain as raw as possible, it is therefore not surprising to find the pulp of this exceptional seed in the bottles.

Note: Linoleic acid is a polyunsaturated fatty acid belonging to the omega-6 family. This fatty acid is not synthesized by the body. This is why it is said to be an "essential" fatty acid. Omega-6 deficiency can lead to severe dryness of the skin and allergies. At the cutaneous level, this fatty acid enters into the composition of ceramides. It participates in the reconstitution of epidermal lipids and promotes good cohesion of the skin cells between them. Linoleic acid helps limit water loss from the skin while exhibiting softening and nutritive qualities.

The benefits of black seed oil

Whether it is immune action for the body or restorative care for the skin, face or hair, habachia black seed oil is one of the best natural remedies on Earth.

Black seed oil and infections:

Whether you have a small infection or a very severe infection, drinking black seed oil can help treat it. This is because black cumin oil can relieve and disinfect certain bacteria. It is so antiseptic that on its own it can cure the most serious infections, such as salmonella (infectious bacteria that causes food poisoning), or even staphylococcus (skin conditions, pneumonia and even meningitis).

Black seed oil and the immune system:

Black seed oil is also known to strengthen the immune system. This is mainly due to the antioxidants it contains, but also to acids. Indeed, the role of an anti-oxidant is to slow down the aging of cells. The aging of cells therefore makes it possible to have a better protected and stronger immune system. Much more than an effective strengthening of the immune system, black seed oil also helps fight against certain autoimmune diseases (diabetes, polyarthritis, multiple sclerosis, etc.) by rebalancing immunity just like black seed honey!

Black seed oil and hair health:

Black cumin oil is also known to improve hair health. Besides, according to historians, it was the beauty secret of Cleopatra's hair. Why ? Certainly thanks to its antibacterial and antioxidant role. But despite the large number of studies performed on this miraculous black seed oil, researchers have no precise explanation as to why this oil improves hair health. However, the benefits are real. Better hair growth, fight against hair loss, soothe scalp scales etc, also discover castor oil for your hair. Thanks to its anti-infectious action, it even helps fight lice. Ideal for children, therefore.

Black seed oil and digestion:

If you have digestion problems, black cumin oil can be a great solution. However, it should be consumed in small doses, otherwise it may cause the opposite effect to what is desired. By way of illustration, bile will be better evacuated and gastric juices will be better expelled. The bowel will also be better stimulated.

Other benefits of black seed oil

"Treat yourself using black seed, it is a remedy for all ills except death".

1-The headache

Applying black seed oil as a dressing eliminates headaches not accompanied by fever.

A second mode of use: apply black seed oil on the painful part then massage.

A third: mix the pounded black cumin seeds with olive oil and administer a few drops of the resulting product nasally.

2- Hemi cephalic migraine

Take a small amount of crushed clove seeds, black seed powder and crushed barley, mix everything well and knead with honey. Apply the mixture to the suffering part in the evening until the morning, accompanying this treatment by taking a teaspoon of black seed oil on an empty stomach for three days.

3- The common cold

If the patient puts crushed black seed in a jar that he smells regularly, he will be relieved of his cold.

Grilled then pillaged, finally mixed with olive oil and then administered by the nasal route in the form of drops, three to four times a day, the patient is cured of the occasional cold accompanied by numerous sneezing.

4- Toothache, gum, alu and throat

If the black seed is cooked with vinegar and the patient uses the preparation in mouthwashes, then the patient's toothache produced by the sensitivity to cold disappears.

Other preparation: Boil black seed and use the water from the porridge in mouthwashes and gargles. Spread black seed oil on the neck and edges of the upper jaw on the side of the teeth, taking a spoonful of black seed oil on an empty stomach every morning.

5- vertigo, ear infections and hearing problems

Against dizziness, it is advisable to massage the temples and the back of the neck with black seed oil.

Against otitis, it is advisable to put a few drops of well-filtered black seed oil in the ear.

6- In the treatment of insomnia

Take a spoonful of black seed oil mixed with hot milk sweetened with bee honey.

7- Asthma

Boil black seed oil and breathe deeply in the steam released morning and evening, adding a spoonful of black seed oil to be crushed and swallowed morning and evening as well, provided this is done before meals. It is also advisable to massage your chest and neck with black seed oil before going to bed. It is generally advisable to consume a lot of black seed oil because of its content of black seed whose properties promoting good breathing are known in the treatment of asthma and cough.

8- Heart problems and blood pressure

It is advisable to consume black seed oil in quantity with any hot drink due to its absorption of fat and its power to widen veins and arteries. µ

9- Hypertension

Add a few drops to any hot drink and consume.

10- bitterness

A few drops of black seed oil mixed with hot milk sweetened with bee honey.

11- Ulcers

Take a spoonful of black seed oil, mix with a teaspoon of bee honey, add a spoonful of sweet pomegranate peels, consume the mixture daily on an empty stomach followed by a glass of unsweetened milk and this , during two months.

12- Intestinal crises

Take equal amounts of anise, cumin and mint, mix and boil, sweeten with honey and add a spoon of black seed oil to the infusion. Consume hot. It is desirable to massage the painful place with black seed oil.

13 Bloating and expulsion of gas

The black seed eliminates bloating, clears blocked ducts and dissolves them.

Put three drops of black seed oil in a cup of coffee or tea and consume.

14- Nausea and vomiting

A spoonful of crushed cloves, a spoonful of black seed oil, mixed with a mint tea for three days. Another process: Boil black seed and cloves and consume three times a day without sweetening.

15- Diarrhea

Mix a tablespoon of black seed oil with a glass of yogurt and consume. Repeat the treatment until the diarrhea disappears

16- Back pain and joints (rheumatism)

Lightly heat black seed oil and vigorously massage the painful area. Also consume a spoon of black seed oil three times a day.

17- Treatment of sprains and bruises

Boil a handful of black cumin seeds, immerse the affected limb in the water of the porridge for a quarter of an hour, gently articulating the limb. Then massage the limb with black seed oil. Do not bandage, shake or wear anything before

to sleep.

And much more !

Composition in fatty acids:

Polyunsaturated essential fatty acids (PUFA or EFA) or vitamin F: linoleic acid (omega-6) (62.3%)

Monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA): oleic acid (omega-9) (22.3%)

Saturated fatty acids (AGS): palmitic acid (15.4%)

Warning :

Even though Ethiopia black seed oil is indicated for the treatment of many pathologies. Know that it is important not to use it anytime or anyhow.

It is important to always seek advice from a doctor, pharmacist or specialist in natural medicine. Black seed oil for hair is not recommended for women who are breastfeeding and pregnant, as well as for children under 6 years old.

In an anti-UV bottle

Capacity: 100ml

Brand: Wadi shibam

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