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Vetivier root

Vetivier root


The roots of vetiver or also called khamaré in Africa is used to clean the impurities of the belly, it can also be used to treat the ailments of painful period


The roots of vetiver or also called khamaré in Africa is used to clean the impurities of the belly, it can also be used to treat the ailments of painful periods, alleviate the pains of women who have just given birth, allows to have a beautiful complexion, helps fight against vaginal dryness, cleans all dirt and bad odors from the private parts, pregnant women who use it see their child arrive almost clean at birth.

What is the root of vetivier?

Vetiver is a shrub that grows in West Africa, Reunion Island, India, South America and the Mediterranean area. It is highly prized in the manufacture of perfumes and cosmetics. In this case, it is more about using its twigs. They are used to flavor drinking water in the western part of Africa.

The virtues of vetivier or khamaré roots

Powerful aphrodisiac
Makes the vagina smell good
Tightens the vagina and makes it firm
Real antiseptic to heal internal wounds of the belly after childbirth
Calms and relieves painful periods
Remove bad blood and period waste
Prevents urinary and vaginal infections
Removes smelly white discharge and itching
Moistens the vagina preventing dryness especially for women approaching menopause

Powerful aphrodisiac: gowé + khamaré strands:

The women of West Africa swear by the virtues of these two natural products. Before talking about the explosive effect of this cocktail on your privacy, let's first discuss its two components.
Gowé seeds are fragrant seeds generally used as incense. The bewitching smell they exude is the best way to drive away bad smells in the house, musty smells, body odors.


Take pure, fragrance-free gowé seeds and dried vetiver twigs (khamaré).
Wash the Gowé seeds, rubbing well to remove all dust and rinse the twigs
Boil the Gowé seeds for 20 minutes.
Let cool then filter
Pour into a bottle.
Insert a small bundle of khamaré twigs into the bottle
Keep the bottle cool

These two products, mixed, constitute a formidable aphrodisiac for women and a remedy for curing lower abdominal pain due to menstruation.

More generally, the virtues of this mixture are as follows:

Increased lubrication of the vagina: the pleasure therefore lasts longer for both partners (drink hot 2 hours before bedtime)
Calming against painful periods (drink hot)
Cleanses the stomach after menstruation: drink twice a day for 3 days at the end of menstruation.
Delicately perfumes the vagina and for a long time. Drink the drink regularly throughout the day.

The recipe for khamaré is as follows:

When cold, put a few stems in a 1 liter of water and let macerate for a few hours, then drink at will.

When hot, put a few stems in water and boil for ten minutes.

Then drink it lukewarm. Khamaré can be drunk throughout the day and its roots can be reused several times


Capacity: 30 tiges
Origin: Senegal

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